Pearl barley, bacon & leek casserole

Pearl barley, bacon & leek casserole


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 leeks, thickly sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 300g pearl barley
  • 4 carrots, cubed
  • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, plus extra to serve
  • 1l chicken stock
  • 300g Savoy cabbages, shredded
  • 200g lean bacon joint, cooked, chopped into small pieces
    Prep: 10 mins Cook: 40 mins - 45 mins
    Serves 4 


    1. Heat a large pan over a medium heat. Add the olive oil and cook the leeks for a few mins, then add the garlic and cook for just 1 min more.
    2. Add the pearl barley, carrots and mustard, then pour over the chicken stock. Season with plenty of ground black pepper and simmer for 20 mins, stirring occasionally. Add the cabbage with the bacon, and cook for 5-10 mins until cabbage is wilted and tender. Serve with extra Dijon mustard on the side.